Expired: Goibibo: Get 10% gocash on Domestic and International Flight Bookings.

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Booking Amount goCash Earned
0 – 1000 100
1,001 – 2,000 200
2,001 – 3,000 300
23,001 – 24,000 2,400
24,001 & above 2,500

Terms & Conditions

  • Earn goCash upto Rs. 2500 or upto 10% of your booking amount (whichever is lower) for Domestic & International Flight bookings
  • Apply Promo Code during Checkout to avail Promotional goCash
  • No minimum booking amount required
  • Cash back is applicable on both, one way and return flights and for domestic and international bookings
  • Cash back not applicable on “Multi Carriers” Airlines booking
  • Starting 28th Dec,2016 your gocash account earning limit is capped at Rs.10,000. (This implies that a user with Rs.8000 gocash balance can earn only upto Rs.2000 more. Users with existing gocash balance as Rs.10,000 or more will be unaffected.)
  • Starting February 2017, your gocash accumulation has been capped at Rs.10,000 and any excess gocash amount will expire. (This implies that a user with Rs.15,000 gocash in his account will be left with only Rs.10,000 and excess Rs.5,000 will expire.)
  • Use Gocash and Gocash plus in your booking as per the TnCs mentioned on goCash
*goCash can be used for bookings made via desktop and mobile app only.
* Usage conditions of promotional goCash may change at the discretion of Goibibo.

Cancellation Rules

  • If the booking is cancelled, the cashback earned will be reversed from the goCash account.If the goCash availed through this promotion is consumed on any other booking before cancellation, it will be deducted from the total refund due in Cash.
  • If the payment is done using goCash and Cash, cancellation charges, if any, will be deducted from the total refund due on priority basis first from Cash and then from goCash.